Meet some really super people and one fluffy spider who are all part of the BioKidz adventure. Click on each character to discover who they are. You can read about their hobbies, work and for one in particular, their secret adventures!

The tall gentleman in the green sweater is Mr Gideon a teacher who can share his knowledge with teachers at your school too!



Likes: Keeping fit and playing sports


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Lucy and her Mum


Likes: Cooking and eating yummy food


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Likes: Explaining the magic of teeth


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Mike the scientist


Likes: His laboratory


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Fluffy the Spider


Likes: Eight legged-racing


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Mr Gideon


Likes: Sharing his stem cell knowledge with other teachers.


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Gummy Granny Geraldine


Likes: Helping others keep their teeth healthy


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Likes: Looking at Books


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