edenBefore the Super Tooth Fairy comes to visit, let’s explore how important your teeth are and why they are so important.

Your teeth are so magical that they actually start to grow in your mouth before you can actually see them.

Usually the first one pops up when you are a small baby and not even one year old! By the time you are about three you will have quite a few teeth in your mouth in fact you will have 20 baby teeth.

When you get to about 5 or 6, your teeth will start to wobble and fall out. They fall out because behind them are your big grown-up teeth and they start to push your baby teeth out of the way!

The part of the tooth that you can see when you look inside your mouth is the crown. The tooth has enamel on it which is very tough and helps the inside of the tooth stay safe. In the middle of each tooth is pulp. The pulp has nerves, blood and blood vessels inside it.

It is from within your tooth that Eden and Mike can take your stem cells, and best of all they will only do this when your tooth has wobbled and fallen out all by itself.

It’s important that you keep your teeth very clean, brushing them in the morning and last thing at night before you go to bed.

To find out how to keep your teeth at their best, have a look at what Gummy Granny Geraldine has to say.