spiderEight things you didn’t know about Fluffy the Spider (and maybe wish you didn’t!)

1. Holds the world championship in Spider Racing 2014. Fluffy admits he was the only person in the race, but says ‘I won it fair and square. It’s the participating that counts!’

2. His favourite bird is Blackbeard the Pirate’s Parrot, as he is often heard to say ‘Pieces of Eight’

3. “It is very expensive for me to wear nice shoes and socks,” in fact four times more so’ says Fluffy, who says he worked this out as he pays attention in maths.

4. His favourite character is Spider Man and says he is the only super hero that is anywhere near to being as good as the Super Tooth Fairy, although he still has a lot of catching up to do!

5. Applied for a job as a web site designer and didn’t get it (due to some sort of misunderstanding)

6. Fluffy’s spelling is not very good, so when he described himself on Facebook as having ‘Ate Legs’ he didn’t understand why he didn’t get many ‘likes’.

7. His favourite game is ‘Eye Spy-der’ and wants to set up World Championship Games

8. Believes anyone with less than eight legs is somehow inferior