Advice from Gummy Granny Geraldine

GummyGrannyGeraldineflatWhen your baby teeth start to come through it is very important to keep them as clean as you possibly can.

Having a good toothbrush is my top tip, and swapping it for a new one (every 2 to 3 months) is a very good idea. Asking an adult to help you choose the right brush for you is a good idea as they come in all different shapes and sizes. Some toothbrushes can be fun, with bright colours, lights and even music!

Brush your teeth first thing in the morning, and if you can after every meal. Most of all it is important to brush your teeth just before you go to bed.

Tooth decay often happens when we leave food on our teeth, and the acid in the food dissolves the outer layers of your teeth. If this happens your teeth could hurt and start to decay. But if you clean your teeth properly (ask an adult to watch how you do it, and give you marks out of ten!) your teeth should stay healthy and sparkly white!

During the night, the saliva on our teeth which helps protect them during the day, dries up and the teeth are more exposed to decay if you have left little bits of food on them. So remember, brushing your teeth last thing before you go to bed is best!

When your baby teeth becomes wobbly and ready for the stem cells to be collected and saved, it is VERY important that you become a champion of tooth cleaning! The Super Tooth Fairy can only work with good clean teeth, and always checks to make sure that you have looked after them well.

When you receive your BioKidz Bio Box, there will be some instructions on how to clean your teeth, and how to pack the tooth, when it has fallen out, into the BioBox.

After your baby teeth have fallen out, you will start to notice your bigger adult teeth starting to appear. In fact it is these big new teeth that have helped push out your smaller baby teeth, ready for Super Tooth Fairy collection.

It is very important now that you continue with all your champion tooth brushing ways, otherwise you may end up like me ‘Gummy’ with no teeth left at all.

I would say that you should brush your teeth moving the brush in small round circle movements.

Get an adult or use a clock, and do this for 2 minutes.

Do you have a photograph of you brushing your teeth, showing just how to do it well?

Ask an adult if you can send the photograph to us to put here on our website. We award a prize every month to the best photograph.

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